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Racing games are mong the most popular free online games. Here at you will find many fun free racing games including Motorbike racing games, truck racing games, 4 wheeler racing games, BMX racing games, sports car racing games and many other types of fun racing games for you to play. We add new racing games almost every day so there is always a nice selection of new racing games for you to play here at
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    Motorcross Champions

If you like moto-racing games, you should try this

    Stunt Bike Pro

Play the Stunt Bike Pro motorbike racing game and see if you can complete each level without crashing your motorbike. As you go up in level you will be able to unlock cool new motorbikes.

If you happen to get stuck on a level try switching to a different motorbike since each different bike has it's own advantages over others.

    Desert Buggy

Race your Desert Buggy down a desert track and see how fast you can go without flipping over. Buy better cars and upgrade them to go even faster and see if you can win all the gold cups. Show off your superior driving skills by performing some stunts for the crowd in this fun driving game. Enjoy playing this fun driving game.

    Alex Trax

Alex Trax is a fun addictive neckbreaking BMX action game. Ride Alex through a variety of rough terrains without breaking his neck. There are many obstacles to overcome on each level, such as big boulders, deep ditches, rickety bridges and more. Sign posts along the way will give you hints so keep an eye out for them. Some levels require Alex to reach a key that will open the door to the next level. Once Alex has the key he then needs to find the exit door to get to the next level. Can you help Alex overcome the tough terrain and make it to the end of each level without breaking his neck? Remember! Skill is more important than speed in this free online game, Alex Trax.


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