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Racing games are mong the most popular free online games. Here at you will find many fun free racing games including Motorbike racing games, truck racing games, 4 wheeler racing games, BMX racing games, sports car racing games and many other types of fun racing games for you to play. We add new racing games almost every day so there is always a nice selection of new racing games for you to play here at
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Random Racing Games
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    Rocky Rider

Rocky Rider is a fun truck racing game in which you get to take your 4X4 truck across some very rocky terrain and through many dangerous obstacles. See how many levels can you complete in this challenging truck driving game.

    One Off

You are locked in a well protected workshop with a motorbike. You must explore the shop, solve various puzzles and find a way to escape. Enjoy this great escape game.

    Brekky Races

Brekky Races is a racing game with a twist. You are racing a toy car across your breakfast table. You must get past all the obstacles on your table and win the race.

    Freeway Fallguy

Play Freeway Fallguy a cool car driving game in which you are shooting a music video and must balance your lead singer on the hood of your car without letting him fall off. If he falls he will be roadkill so make sure to drive carefully and not let him fall to his death. Collect power-ups and don't hit anything. See if you have what it takes to film this video without killing your singer. Enjoy playing this fun car driving game.


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