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Racing games are mong the most popular free online games. Here at you will find many fun free racing games including Motorbike racing games, truck racing games, 4 wheeler racing games, BMX racing games, sports car racing games and many other types of fun racing games for you to play. We add new racing games almost every day so there is always a nice selection of new racing games for you to play here at
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    The Smurfs - Handys Car

The Smurfs - Handy's Car is a fun free online puzzle game in which you have to help Handy Smurf to assemble his car. Enjoy playing this great car puzzle game.

    Rail Pioneer

Help guide your train safely to its destination by quickly laying down railroad tracks in this free flash game. Build your railroad track so that it snakes around obstacles and use matches and explosives to clear trees and rocks from your trains path, but make sure to use them wisely since they take time to recharge. If your train goes off the rails the game will end. Have fun playing this online game.


Wheelers is a great motorcycle racing game. You must finish each track first to advance to the next level and unlock new exciting race tracks. Don't forget to refuel. Good luck and start your engine!

    Intellectual Thief

A group of international criminals have stolen a priceless diamond which is your countries pride and joy. Your government has gotten some intelligence on this group who will try to sell the diamond to foreign investors. Two government agents just stopped by your house and informed you that you have "volunteered" to go on a very dangerous mission to help your country, by stopping the criminal group from selling the diamond and bringing the diamond back. A team of agents will drop you off at a safe-house garage where you will get a car to drive to the target. Follow the hints to finish the mission. The diamond is your countries greatest treasure, so you must get your hands on it and take it back. Intellectual Thief, is a free online game filled with action, mystery, puzzles and a lot more. Even though you are a top secret agent, you will need to use your brains to complete this important mission and survive.


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