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Racing games are mong the most popular free online games. Here at you will find many fun free racing games including Motorbike racing games, truck racing games, 4 wheeler racing games, BMX racing games, sports car racing games and many other types of fun racing games for you to play. We add new racing games almost every day so there is always a nice selection of new racing games for you to play here at
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    Zombie Taxi

Zombie Taxi is a fun zombie killing game in which you have to save the people in your city from zombies by picking them up in your taxi cab and dropping them off at designated safe areas before the zombies eat them. Run over any zombies who get in your way and try not to crash your taxi. This is Crazy Taxi meets Day of the Dead - a zombie game with a twist. Have fun!

    Mad Parking

Mad Parking is a fun car parking game in which you get to drive your car through the snow and then park the car at a different parking lot before you run out of time.

    Driving School GT

Driving School GT is a challenging driving game that is loads of fun. In this fun driving game, you get to perform various driving tasks to complete each level. Prove that you are a good driver by completing all the levels of this free driving game.

    Stunt Master

Play the Stunt Master game and find out what it's like being a professional Hollywood stunt man. You where just hired to be the stunt man in a hot new Hollywood action movie and you must master three different vehicles as you run, ride and drive across various film sets, while crashing, smashing and bashing into all sorts of things. Earn points for smashing things, collect golden achievements and have a ton of fun playing this awesome driving game. Make sure to live up to your reputation of being the best Hollywood stunt man!


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